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It may be that there has only ever been one “official” pipe and drum band, of any unit of the U.S. Army; the “Garryowen Pipe Band” of the U.S. 7th Cav.  Alas with the break up of the regiment into “squadrons” and time, the official band is no more, though there have been volunteer pipers attempting to keep the spirit alive, to the current day.

In Mid 2012 I was approached by a retired Col. who did serve in the 7th and was starting a new enterprise in the Memphis, TN area.  As a part of this he wished to be the patron of a “7th Cavalry Pipes and Drums” memorial band.  It is quite possible that no member of this band will have ever served in the 7th cav themselves, and may have never served in the military.  We don’t claim to be members of the 7th, but ‘re-enactors” of the band as it existed circa 1957.  No different than civil war re-enactors, just. Our wish is to keep alive the memory of the existance of this band, and honor those who have served in this unit as well as all branches of the military.

David Corbett

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. David,

    It was enjoyable to view your website for the formation of the 7th Cavalry Pipes and Drums Memorial Band.

    Natually, I have an interest to be formally inducted into this organization as a piper in order to beneficially promote and enhance the Organization in it’s inception.

    I have been appointed to be the Official Piper Soloist for the Memorial of Army Private Peter Thompson (a soldier assigned to Col. Custer’s Command at Little Big Horm; and, the Recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor) to be held on June 22, 2013, in Lead, South Dakota.

    Please pass on to your patrons of the 7th Cavalry Pipes and Drums Memorial Band that this will be a wonderful opportunity to promote the band in the high-impact, media-rich event.

    In any event, please visit my piping website at:


    to view my ugly mug;

    then decide.

    Thank you for your time and consideration of this proposal.

    Best personal regards,

    Norwood BayBridge, FSA Scot
    Pipe Major, 99th Scot Guards Regimental Pipes and Drums

    • Pipey:

      Sorry to be very very late in responding, I don’t check the site very often and so far, we’ve not gotten much farther in the process, mainly because the impetus for even attempting to start the organization comes from a very motivated individual who has had a great deal on his plate of late. We (read “I”) am standing by to take the next step or steps if and when the time is ripe. Until then, I continue with the other band I helped start in Northeast Arkansas (neacpipes.com) and other personal endeavors.

      David Corbett

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